Emmett Township Fire/Rescue Policy

UPDATED:  12-14-2016 by Resolution #17-05

When you dial 911, you are reaching an operator who will ask the emergency you are requesting.  The system goes into action and depending upon your answer the 911 service will send the required response service.

It is automatic that an ambulance and fire rescue vehicle will be sent to the address of the incident of the emergency in a medical situation.  A structure fire requires the fire engine, water tanker, fire rescue and utility vehicle.  An auto accident (Personal Injury) requires the fire engine water tanker, fire rescue and utility vehicle.  Down/arching wires and odor investigation both require the fire engine and rescue vehicles.

The cost of service is billed to the person at the address of the incident that prompted the 911 call.

Medical Runs are Billed at     $250.00
Personal Injury  $750.00
Fire Run or Illegal Burn $750.00

The cost of the runs are set by the number of vehicles that are dispatched to that  particular incident.  Emmett Township contracts with the Village of Emmett for the Emmett Fire Department services to cover the services to the Township residents and also to Mussey Fire department for their services to several of the western sections of Emmett Township.  The contracts for Fire services cost the Township $71,066.14 for the audit year of 2019-20.  The cost of the services that you received is a reimbursement of the money that is paid in advance by the Township for those services.

Usually your insurance carrier will pay for fire runs and personal injury claims are paid by your vehicle insurance.  The medical runs may or may not be paid by your medical insurance.  The Township does not bill insurance companies for any of these services but if you need any copies of the run invoices we can provide this for you.

You will be billed by the Township for these services.  If your insurance carrier does not pay the billing please call the Township Clerk at 810-384-8070 Ext. #21 we will be more than happy to accept payments.  If we do not receive payment within 30 days of the original billing notice you will receive another notice.  After the second notice if you have not made any payments you account will be turned over to our collection agency.